Our company provides Simulation, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality products, turn-key solutions and services for the defense, security, aerospace, transportation, infrastructure and logistics industries as well as the military forces of the region.

Welcome to Augmea Immersive Platform™

Leopard 2A4 Interior

Our mission is to create life-like and highest fidelity Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Simulation applications for training, visualization, mission rehearsel, research, development, analysis, experiencing and collaboration needs in the markets we serve. Based on our vision “To be the Leader of the Immersive Era”, we develop disruptive virtual technologies enabling our users to fully immerse themselves in the virtual and synthetic environments to make their jobs more productive, cost-effective and meaningful. Our “Augmea Immersive Platform™” is a state-of-the-art technology with years of RnD spending behind it, with features and capabilities like 90Hz image rendering, physics engine, advanced AI, audio simulation, multi-channel projection and content creation tools addressing the full immersion synthetic environments needs.

Products and Solutions:

Synthetic Threat Environments
Computer Generated Forces, Semi-Automated Forces, Tactical Wargaming, Doctrine Development, Platform Development, Test and Analyses
Platform Simulators
Air, Space, Naval, Land Vehicles and Systems
Virtual Military Operations and Drills
Pre-mission Virtual Rehearsels, Joint Operations in Virtual Environments
Close Combat Tactical Simulators
Military Operations on Urban Terrain, Special Forces, Navy Seals
Virtual AI Trainers
Synthetic environments for training machine learning algorithms
Interactive Immersive Virtual Prototyping Systems
Product Design, Development, Engineering
Virtual Maintenance Trainers
Platform, Equipment, Weapon Systems
Infrastructural and Industrial Simulations


Here are some screenshots from our rendering engine.
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3D Content Developers

Augmea Simulation Technologies is looking for talented and passionate "3D content developers"
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Senior Software Engineers

Augmea Simulation Technologies is looking for very talented and passionate software engineers.
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Junior Software engineers

Augmea Simulation Technologies is looking for very talented and passionate software engineers.
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If you are interested in one of these positions, please send your CVs and cover letter to us using the email address below. [email protected]